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March 29, 2017
Visit Ilderton CDJR to drive a 2017 Dodge Charger in High Point

Visit Ilderton CDJR to drive a 2017 Dodge Charger in High Point

While searching for that rare combination of exceptional performance, sleek design, and raw power, then look no further than Ilderton CDJR in High Point, NC to test drive a new 2017 Dodge Charger  in High Point.  The standard model provides almost 300 horsepower while a 700 horsepower model is available for real speed demons. The Charger not only impresses underneath the hood, as an indistinguishable exterior which offers a large level of customization will leave no doubt to onlookers as to what just passed them by.  Finally, a spacious interior offers the same level of comfort whether you’re picking up the kids from school or cruising down the highway.  Whatever style of 2017 Charger you prefer, Ilderton CDJR has exactly what you’re looking for!

Master of Weather, Master of Roads


Not only does the 2017 Charger provide maximum muscle, it is also equipped with an advanced all wheel drive, electric power steering, and impressive traction control.  If you’re suddenly hit by a summer storm, the Charger has you covered.  The Rain Brake Support system activates whenever you’re windshield wipers are in use and applies small amounts of pressure to the calipers to remove water from the brake pads.  This system works in tandem with modern technology, as the Charger’s windshield wipers will automatically activate if moisture is detected on the windshield.  The Anti-Lock Brake System helps prevents lockups and offers extra breaking precision especially on rainy or slippery roads.  The Dodge Charger welcomes the challenge of a rainy day.

Stylish on the Exterior, Spacious on the Interior


Many people may have purchased on 2017 Charger, but you can certainly make yours stand out from the crowd.  Dodge offers a wide selection of custom aesthetic options.  You can choose from twelve stylish colors and trim.  For other drivers on the road who will eventually be behind you, several rear spoiler options are available for view.  Different variations of the front hood are also available to house the powerful engine.  And the rare option of a painted black roof to compliment whichever body color you choice will certainly make you stand out on the road.


Drive or ride in complete comfort with Nappa leather seats with improved cushioning, heated and ventilated seats, and automatic temperature control.  You can even add the addition of a heated steering wheel, which will immediately start warming with the press of a button!  While walking to your car and using your remote vehicle start, the steering wheel will simultaneously begin heating up.  Not only will your passengers be warm and comfortable, the generous 104.7 cubic feet of space will allow five people to enjoy the journey.  And your crew will be able to pack for any adventure with another 16.5 cubic feet available in trunk space.  Ultimately, the 2017 Dodge Charger screams an exciting, safe, and comfortable adventure.

Rule the Roads in a Dodge Charger in High Point

If you’re looking to test drive or purchase a 2017 Dodge Charger in High Point, NC, then your search is over.  Ilderton CDJR in High Point, NC, offers reliable customer service, experienced sales associates, and a wide variety of 2017 Chargers for you to choose from.  Rules the roads of High Point and buy a 2017 Charger today!


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